As we approach Thanksgiving, I can’t help but think of how thankful I am for a job that allows me to witness so many life stories.
Here are some of the amazing stories I’m thinking of as I give thanks this year:
-I wrote an offer to purchase for a couple entering retirement and moving closer to their adult children.
-I celebrated with newlyweds as they purchased their first house, where they will host Thanksgiving this year.
-I sold a friend’s house, when she confided that it was no longer the right place for her family, and saw her settle into a new home only blocks from her child’s school.
-I connected a future buyer with a trusted mortgage lender, so that she can develop a financial plan to meet her goal of home ownership.
-I guided a family of four through the process of putting down roots in their adopted hometown of Milwaukee, through home ownership.
-I took a world traveling entrepreneur on home tours using the video camera on my iphone. His condo in the Midwest will allow him to leave the East Coast corporate life behind and set out on a new professional path.
-I celebrated with clients as they achieved freedom from debt, took them home shopping. I can’t wait to watch them knock the next big goal off of their list – home ownership.
Thank you to all of my clients, customers and friends for your referrals and your support as I’ve embarked on this journey.
I look forward to hearing many more of your stories, and am so thankful for the opportunity to serve you!