Friends, Client or both??

How do I feel about working with friends? I’ve been asked this a few times lately so it’s obviously something that people are wondering. So, here are my thoughts.

Business, pleasure or both?

For me, I prefer both!   Both my husband and I have careers that blur the lines between home and work (no 9-5’s here!). A social dinner out can still be fun with some “shop talk” and work happens at home as frequently as it does in the office.

I am in this business with the goal of helping people. I want to sell homes, of course, but I also believe that selling homes is also a way of building community and uplifting lives. Working in the community where I live and raise my family means that there is often overlap between my professional and personal lives, and I honestly love that.

The Bottom Line

I’ll happily give you professional advice via email at 4pm on Tuesday and meet up with you for drinks or a play date on the weekend.


If you’re looking for a Realtor, let’s talk. I’m happy to answer any questions about your upcoming transition and to share what it might be like to work with me. Then, the decision is yours… let me know how I can help or if you’d prefer that I just stay out of it…. and I will gladly respect that!

Friends, Client or both??