Helping friends near and far!

I am SO happy for my friends who listed their house this week.  They had an evening full of showings and multiple offers in the first day on the market.  Although they’re in Fresno, CA this feels like a personal victory for me as I’ve walked with them through the process from afar.


As a Shorewest agent, I have access to an amazing nationwide referral program for proven Realtors.  Shorewest is a founding member of an organization called LeadingRE. This is a global network of locally owned real estate agencies, which are leaders in their markets.  The referral program is open to top agents at these companies who have both proven success and glowing reviews.

When my friends in Fresno told me they were planning their next adventure, and that selling their house was part of the process, I asked how I could help.  We talked about what factors they might consider and questions they had about preparing to sell, such as choosing a Realtor. I offered to connect them with some top agents in their area.  They agreed that would be helpful, and I set the wheels in motion.


First, I contacted my LeadingRE representative to learn about the affiliated companies in Fresno.  I asked for recommendations of agents based on the details my friends had shared about their timeline, their home and their priorities.  I pre-screened the agents that were recommended to me and chose a few who seemed to be a great fit based on our conversations.

Interviews and planning

Though their move was still months away, I encouraged my friends to interview agents sooner rather than later.  I knew that the agents I was recommending were top-notch, full-service Realtors who would help make the process easier by giving advice and guidance well in advance of putting the home on the market.  My friends took that advice and identified, though in person interviews, a real estate team that felt like a great fit!

Although the months prior to their move included a lot of prep work, they felt supported.  They had identified a committed Realtor early in the process, so they knew that the work they were doing included worthwhile tasks that would pay off when the time to sell came. (Focused hard work is SO much better than simply working your tail off in hopes that you’re doing the right thing – amiright?!)

Throughout this time, we kept in touch.  They shared info about the work they were doing. I acted as a cheerleader as they pushed towards the finish line.  They had agents in both California AND Wisconsin rooting for them.  Woot woot!

On the Market

Now their home is on the market.  The hard work has paid off and there is a TON of interest.  I am confident that they will have an accepted offer soon (or, as we say in the biz “an A/O” ?).  The top notch agent I helped them find will continue to be a resource as they navigate inspection, appraisal and any other stops on the way to the closing table. (and I’ll be keeping tabs over here in the land of cheese…)  And then, they will ride off into the sunset on their next EPIC family adventure, a move overseas!   #hopetojointhemsomeday

Can I help you?

If you, or someone you know, is thinking of a move I would love to help – ANYWHERE!!  The truth is, moving is hard work, and there are a LOT of decisions to be made, whether selling or buying.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have help in narrowing the decision of who to hire?  I can connect you with buying or listing agents who are proven fabulous.  And, I am also happy to share my expertise, be a sounding board, and to cheer you on throughout the process.

Thinking of a move? Know someone who is?  Let’s chat!

Helping friends near and far!