FAQ: I’m thinking of selling next spring, how do I prepare?

Q: I’m thinking of selling next spring, how do I prepare?

A: I’m so glad you’re asking now! Using the fall and winter months to prepare is wise. Your preparations may vary widely based on the current condition of your home and your reasons for selling. Touching up paint, de-cluttering, and deep cleaning are general categories that I often recommend to sellers. Also important during this initial step is to consider and address any deferred maintenance issues.

Ask yourself: What are my goals in selling this house? What types of improvements are commonly seen in my neighborhood? What projects have I done already? What exterior projects might I do before the weather turns? How much time and money do I have to put into updates?

You might find it helpful to meet with me for a pre-listing consultation. In such a consultation, we would discuss your home and your goals in selling. I’ll tour your home, and then we can discuss how you might best prepare your home for sale. These suggestions will be aligned with your needs, your budget, and your available time. With no obligation, I’ll share what I know and you’ll receive a plan for your next transition.

Fall Outdoor Chores that will help improve the value of your home:
-Your front door offers a great opportunity for curb appeal.  A mild fall day is an ideal time to paint it, freshen things up or add a new pop of color.
-Switch out screens for storm windows, repair or replace screens as needed now so they’ll be ready in the spring
-It’s planting and pruning season for many plants, this is the perfect time to reshape or expand garden beds, as well as to prepare plants to overwinter so they’ll be ready to thrive in the spring
-Shorter days are coming, evaluate your exterior lighting and make needed changes to improve both safety and curb appeal.
-Consider updating your mailbox and house numbers.  These can be a fun way to inject some personal style into your curb appeal.
-Is your exterior space an extension of your home?  What changes or updates can you make now so that the space is ready in the spring? Outdoor furniture and decor are on sale now, plan ahead.
-Repair any loose railings and decking so that you’ll be able to safely navigate stairs and walkways during the winter months.
-Caulk as needed around the exterior of your home.  For example, you might caulk around windows and doors, where pipes or wires enter the home, where masonry meets siding or where concrete meets foundation.
-Winterize hose bibs or explore frost-free models to avoid burst pipes over the winter
-Check gutter extensions.  Are yours discharging at least 6 feet from your home?
-Clean your gutters or explore covered options if they are in need of repair or replacement.
-Inspect your roof for loose or missing shingles, repair as needed.
FAQ: I’m thinking of selling next spring, how do I prepare?